Smart Kapp IQ 65"

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Kapp iQ is half whiteboard, half Ultra HD display. When it’s time to brainstorm, grab a digital pen and start writing like you would on any whiteboard. You can share your notes as you go worldwide – and the world can write you back. When you’re ready to present, switch to display mode with a tap. You can show all kinds of media in stunning Ultra HD resolution.
  • Silktouch™ technology

    The most accurate, natural, and responsive touch experience from corner to corner.

  • Pen iQ™

    Write independently and simultaneously, using differently colored digital ink.

  • Object awareness™

    The display differentiates between a finger, pen or palm, so you can touch, write and erase naturally.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution

    Commercial-grade, glare-free LED panels brilliantly display detailed 4K content, as well as support HD and SD content.